In addition to our marquis NAMAD® (Nanoplastytm And Mechanical Axis Deviation) procedure that is sought after worldwide, we are pleased to offer minimally invasive treatment for common tendinopathies and soft tissue injury like rotator cuff tendinosis, tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow, Achilles tendonitis, patellar tendinosis and plantar fasciitis.

Based on technology developed in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, the Tenex-Health® TX F.A.S.T.® fills a treatment gap that could otherwise require surgery.

The Tenex Health procedure uses ultrasound technology to view and remove damaged tendon tissue through a pin-hole that allows access to the degenerative tissue (angiofibroblastic dysplasia) as the procedure is performed using ultrasound guidance. The technology enables the device to remove diseased tissue, while stimulating a healing response, leaving surrounding tissue unharmed. 

The procedure usually takes 15 minutes or less and requires only a Band-aid® to close the microincision. Unlike traditional open surgeries that may require several months of recovery, the Tenex Health TX procedure recovery period offers a days to weeks timeframe for full recovery. Following the short recovery period, a full return to the patient’s normal activities is anticipated.

The Tenex Health TX procedure at a glance:

-Performed under local anesthetic

-Minimally invasive percutaneous incision closed with a flexible fabric Band-aid®

-Fast pain relief

-Prompt return to your normal activities

-Quick recovery time

-Excellent clinical results

For more information about The Tenex Health Procedure, click here.

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