NAMAD™ Procedure (Nanoplasty And Mechanical Axis Deviation)

The NAMAD® procedure allows patients the ability to naturally stimulate cartilage growth within their bodies. The stimulus for the algorithm was prompted initially by the work of Pridie at al. who performed drilling through the subchondral plate into the subchondral bone marrow. The technique was later modified by Steadman et al. who enhanced the procedure further by removing the zone of calcified cartilage in the cartilage defect, followed by a microfracture technique using awls arthroscopically.  We have now further improved this procedure and given it our own name, the Nanoplasty and Mechanical Axis Deviation Procedure, or NAMAD®.

Here’s what you need to know about what we do:

Step 1

Dr. Yeargan harvests the bone marrow. This is done with an instrument called the jamshidi® which is carefully and painlessly inserted into the bone marrow of the iliac crest. We then concentrate that bone marrow which contains valuable cells.

Step 2

Dr. Yeargan then separates and isolates the bone marrow into basic constituents. He does this by placing the bone marrow into a device called a centrifuge to spin it down and separates the cells from the plasma. He then collects the most viable layer of cells called the “Buffy Coat” (our viability rate exceeds 98% typically).

Step 3  

Dr. Yeargan decants the supernatant and passes the plasma fluid through a special nanometric- pore protein filter cartridge.  After BMC is injected into the patients joint capsule, this bone filler is injected second and keeps the good healing properties in.

Step 4  

The signaling cells are placed into a scaffold derived from your own blood clotting proteins and injected into the bone beneath the cartilage where your arthritis started. Another concentrate of signaling cells and anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory signaling proteins is placed directly into the knee joint at the same time with care taken to address the subchondral plate. 

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