Nanoplasty or Nothing


If it’s not the Nanoplasty, you’re stem cell therapy is just for the treatment of arthritis pain. Only procedures that address the bone underneath the cartilage, where the arthritis starts, have the potential to halt or even reverse your arthritis.

Cartilage restoration is a big part of the Nanoplastytm and serial follow up magnetic resonance Cartigram® imaging from General Electric confirm this fact.

When we first invented orthopedic immunobiologic procedures in 2006 and wrote the first technique guides in the field, the knowledge base was not what it is today. Oftentimes, what other clinics that don’t offer the Nanoplastytm offer, amounts to just about nothing. That’s why we say, it’s the “Nanoplasty or Nothing.” The ‘nothing’ part refers to the fact that while other clinics say they’re practicing the same regenerative medicine techniques that we are, they just are not.

Our techniques are all developed in-house and come from our own intellectual property. We aren’t simply copying what someone else does, or listening to how the company sales representative says we should do things for profit. We’re pushing the field just like we always have. 

S. Austin Yeargan III, MD Orthopedic Surgeon Molecular Immunobiologist

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