Nanomolecular Level

Why do you call your procedure the Yeargan “Nanoplasty”?

What’s so special about your procedure?

Why isn’t it the most expensive if yours is the best?


The cell based treatment (CBT) we use for marrow based autologous transplant in the treatmet of arthritis is called the Nanoplasty procedure.

We call it that because while the changes that we observe happen at the level where Newtonian physics are the rule, the actual procedure that we do takes place at a much smaller scale, where classic laws of thermodynamics fall apart.

Molecular events take place at the “nanomolecular” level. That’s a fancy way for scientists to say that things are happening at the level where particle physics laws are observed.

This is actually an amazing thing. It’s amazing because while we know the rules at the macro level (things we can see and understand) and at the molecular level (things we are understanding more and more with scientific advancement), we have no idea how they relate to one another. That means that we don’t understand the conncection between what happens at the nanomolecular level to cause exactly what we witness in the thermodynamic world we are able to ‘sense’ every day.

There are two main components to our treatment. The first procedure we do is a bony decompression that is critical to restore the native elasticity of the bone beneath the cartilage that has become stiff and is actually the RATE LIMITING STEP of arthritis. If the bone underneath the cartilage does not become stiff, NO ONE GETS ARTHRITIS. Our goal is to stop the progression of arthritis, which is a progressive disease 100 percent of the time. We’ve witnessed this on follow up wetmap MRI studies that are routine in all of our patients. Many patients have shown what actually appears to be a reversal of the disease process and we believe these results have not been duplicated yet, only because our proprietary process is not the one used by anyone else.

Bony Nanoplasty

Coring the relatively avascular bone with a special needle lets us accomplish several things. Under live X-ray, we advance the tip of the bone needle just to the underside of the bone underneath the cartilage. This spot is easy to access and extremely safe if you’re a surgeon and have spent any time operating around the knee. Once the needle is confirmed to be centered in the most stiff part of the subchondral bone, we remove resident bone marrow cells.

This area of diseased bone has a very low nucleated cell count that is below the detection limit of our cell counter, or about 5,000 cells per mL of aspirate. Once that marrow has been extracted, we inject our proprietary autologous nucleated cell and activated matric into the diseased bone where it clots and stays in place due to the addition of your own blood clotting protein, thrombin, that we isolate from you at the time of cell harvest. When we inject these cells, they work by signaling to other resident cells in the bone that it’s time to wake up and go back to work. That occurs at the nanomolecular level. Cells talk to one another using the language of immunology. These cellular conversations are evolutionarily conserved and account for everything the body does. It is literally the software of our lives.

Once the stage has been set, there is a lot of remodeling to do. A slight alteration in gait provided with unloader brace and orthotic wear shifts the mechanical weight bearing axis just enough to fool the brain and the body into thinking that the bone has been modeled the wrong way. The goal of the procedure is to prompt an acute healing response in the bone. Using the thrombin to stabilize the transplant keeps the cell transplant where it’s supposed to be. Otherwise, it would drain out of the dependent lower extremity. Demand thrombin.

As the bony injectate gels through the intricate bony architecture beneath the cartilage and subchondral bone, we turn to the part of the procedure that actually involves the inside of the joint.

Joint Nanoplasty

While the injectate in the bone stabilizes, we approach the joint interior itself. To ensure we have not penetrated the joint with our bone needle, the joint is aspirated for hay-colored joint fluid that confirms the appropriate extra-articular placement of the bone injectate. We aspirate the catabolic joint fluid that is loaded with destructive enzymes and cytokines that break down the joint and destroy the cartilage.

In its place, we inject a specially prepared, activated cellular matrix loaded with concentrated TSG-6. This accomplishes two tasks. First, it takes the joint from a catabolic (breakdown) state to an anabolic (healing response) state through cellular signaling. Cell therapy does not cause a strip of cartilage to be made from the cells that are injected. In fact, that’s one of the biggest myths in the field that seems to be missed by anyone who isn’t an orthopedic surgeon.

These procedures work through well-defined, immunologic signaling pathways that cause immunomodulation and amplification of anti-inflammatory and healing pathways. In other words, for the procedure to work, the nucleated cells that are injected must signal to other resident cells in the bone and in the joint that a new task is at hand. It’s all signaling cells. If you hear someone say “stem cells”, just turn around and walk the other way. They don’t know what they are talking about. One other tidbit is that if it’s not coming from your marrow, it’s not a concentrated stem cell or any other therapeutic cell product. Make sure you’re getting your own marrow and that an expert is performing the procedure. The investment is too great and the costs are too high to risk it and you definitely won’t be getting the best treatment or even a legitimate treatment, no matter how much someone talks you into paying for it.

Our products are minimally manipulated, all autologous (which means they all come from you) and comply with FDA recommendations and have been approved for safety. We’re about YOU. 100 Percent.

S. Austin Yeargan III, MD Orthopedic Surgeon Molecular Immunobiologist

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