Leadership and Responsibility to Teach

Leadership and the Responsibility to Teach


We have a lot of people who are interested in what we are doing.  We have surgeons visiting from the United States and all over the world who want to learn our technique.  We try to hand pick only the best candidates and have yet to be disappointed. 


What gets us even more excited, though, is when we have bright, promising students from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington spend time with us during their senior internship before they graduate.  This isn’t just an internship where you show up and get credit.  We expect a lot from our interns and they deliver.  If they don’t, it’s on us.  It’s just like a signaling cell procedure in a patient.  We only select the best and then expect them to do the best.


We are pleased to welcome senior Caroline Knowles, captain of the UNCW swim team, to our ranks until the end of April 2020.  To give you some idea what Caroline will be up to, on her first day (she came prepared), she jumped right into (HIPAA-proofed) patient care with the same confidence usually seen in individuals a decade her senior.  She is poised and professional and we can already tell that she’s destined for greatness too.  Before she is finished, she will co-author at least one publication that she can add to her curriculum vitae. 


Caroline’s achievements are many as you can imagine for an elite athlete.  She’s a public health major with a minor in biology and her knowledge base is unparalleled for her level.  With students like this, it really makes our job easy and more than eclipses the stress of introducing a new face to our cohesive lineup.


We all make our intern’s experience second only to patient care.  We know today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders and Caroline is a shining example of that.  We hope you have a chance to meet her, she’s pretty amazing.

S. Austin Yeargan III, MD Orthopedic Surgeon Molecular Immunobiologist

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