Arthritic Knee Pain

Managing Joint arthritis and in particular knee joint arthritis without surgery is what we do best and we do it without surgery the majority of the time. Our orthopedic surgeon is also a trained molecular chemist and immunologist. Doctor Yeargan is a key opinion leader and the original pioneer of signaling cell (stem cell) management techniques who has bravely weathered the criticism of peers and colleagues over the last decade to scientifically represent the immunomodulatory basis of the techniques. We have scientifically and technically advanced cell based therapeutic techniques based on our own intellectual property and selflessly allowed others to directly follow suit.

When we introduced the field of orthopedic immunobiologics to orthopedic surgery in 2006, we were the first movers thanks to our patients who trusted our judgment and our mission. Today, there are over 700 clinics in the country claiming to treat patients with our techniques. In response, we have developed a proprietary algorithm called the NAMAD†, which stands for Nanoplasty And Mechanical Axis Deviation, that takes advantage of your body's own metabolic signaling pathways to discourage disease and reverse degenerative changes associated with gravitational overload cycling. Nanoplasty refers to the biochemical changes occurring at the quantum level that result in biological activation. Mechanical axis deviation refers to unloading mechanotransduction pathways to change immunological input and prompt tissue remodeling.

Our Steadman trained orthopedic sports medicine surgeon first described the technique in 2006 with accolades arriving soon after when he was formally decorated just three years after fellowship as one of the top ten orthopedic surgeons and spine leaders in the country (Becker's Orthopedic and Spine Review 2009). Since then, hundreds of our own patients have confirmed the viability of the treatment while hundreds of surgeons and other doctors around the world have copied or attempted to copy our revolutionary techniques. It's ok with us. Imitation is the finest form of flattery. We just don't want you to think anyone offers the same treatment we offer, they don't. We think it’s important to understand the mechanisms behind the molecular madness before making treatment recommndations.

S. Austin Yeargan III, MD Orthopedic Surgeon Molecular Immunobiologist

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